The Specifics

What: The Cipher Room – Espionage
Where:  640 King St, Newtown NSW 2042 Sydney, Australia
Price: From $32PP (Differs by number of players)
Players: 2
Outcome: Success!
Hints: Unlimited hints via walkie talkie
Skill Level:  Houdini

The Stars

Difficulty: downloaddownloaddownloaddownload
Creativity of Puzzles: downloaddownloaddownloaddownloaddownload
Atmosphere/Service: downloaddownloaddownloaddownloaddownload
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The Experience

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The adventure begins with a mysterious telegram from “Agent M” detailing your meeting location at the safe house. From the second that you make a booking, The Cipher Room’s creators go above and beyond in ensuring that you feel like the spy that you are.

The Victorian hallway is inspired and decorated with lamps made by the creators themselves! The dimly lit hallway inspires a sense of mystery and urgency. It allows us to really get into character and the blindfolds intensify the entire experience!

Once inside, we are told what our mission is before being locked in. As we take our blindfolds off, we are instantly transported back to 1945. The room is traditional with a touch of Hollywood glamour, characteristic of the time period. Jazz plays in the background as we scavenge around to find any clues to aid our mission.


The effort that Marise & David (Creators) have undergone is reflective throughout the experience. The level of creativity in each puzzle is astonishing and there’s a surprise in every corner. All of the props carry a certain level of authenticity with some of the game material especially from overseas! For the hour that you’re there, you forget about the world outside because right there and then – you’re a spy racing against the clock to help Agent M.

What we loved

We loved all the effort that was put into creating such an authentic experience. Each prop, clue and element in the room was carefully selected and resonated with the theme. However, the creativity of the puzzles really won us over. Out of all the escape rooms that we’ve done, this room outdid itself with its creative prowess. Without giving too much away, we can say that you will be shocked, confused and marvel at the way that all the elements come together harmoniously. It’s a tactile experience which encourages you to get thoroughly involved.

What we didn’t love

We loved this room and while it is really difficult to fault it in any way, if there’s one thing that we could change, it would be dim lighting. At times, we were mistaken by certain clues due to the low light. However, the dim lighting was to provoke the theme further and we were provided flashlights so it wasn’t that big of a deal.


Everything is relevant!


The Cipher Room is definitely an adventure for everyone. Whether or not you love spies and the 1940s previously, you will after you leave!